Started out with a trip to the post office to mail some ebay stuff. From there went to Wally World to get Cat’s mom a new scanner and assorted stuff. Spent way too much time there, but managed to get back here a bit after noon. Unloaded and warmed, then ate lunch. The afternoon was taken up with moving stuff around, reading, and after the sun got far enough down to do a bit outside, finishing the raised platform in the bed of the truck. Then it was cooking and eating supper and now a bit of time on the computer. Hoping to get the time and energy to move the desk and computer into the cooler living room for the summer later tonight. Will see how it goes. For now am gonna go and do a bit more reading, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “TGIF”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    TGIF indeed! Hot day. Got some stuff done at the high school, mapped out more stuff that needs to be tweaked (“configuration” is becoming a four-letter word for me), and got my new cell phone. Same number, different carrier (AT&T), different phone. So I have to figure out another phone. Oh, well. Some people got iPhones…that would have been nice. One of these days…

    Went to Mata’s last night, and then to Lowes to get some stuff for watering the wife’s gardens. Back home and after getting the watering done, inside to cool off. Don’t like hot weather, never have, and don’t miss the heat at the radiator shop. Miss some of the stuff down there, but definitely not the heat.

    About to go into town for multiple tasks, may get by Cedar Springs when I am done, depending on time/stamina.


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