Another day done

Was going to head to Calcis today but time and heat caused us to cancel till tomorrow. Planning to head out early and hopefully get back by noon though I doubt we make it by then. For now am going to finish this and do a bit more toward moving some stuff here and then make it an early night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another day done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Tomorrow is officially summer, unlike most things in life, Alabama tends to get there quicker than a lot of places…hot is an understatement, and also normal. Ah, well…

    Went into town today and got a haircut, some medicine, some bolts, and worked a little bit. Helped a teacher prepare for a presentation she is giving Monday. Ran another little errand and then went to Wal Mart, and then went home and cooled off for a couple of hours. This weather just wastes me. Cooked some chicken (boiled it) and then cooled it in the fridge, then the daughter and I made some chicken salad and we had that with chips for supper. ‘Twas good, and cool, which is good this time of year. Discussed some other cool things we can make for supper–sounds like an idea to me.

    Tomorrow I may not do much of anything–a skill I have polished for years, I admit. Will definitely stay inside as much as possible.

    Have a good one, whatever you do. Stay as cool as possible!


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