Long day done

Went out this morning and dropped some books off to my dad, then to the PO to ship out e-bay stuff. From there to Food Land to get a few things. Stopped by the Antique mall just south of there on 431 on the way back home and wandered through looking at stuff to get pricing ideas on some of our stuff. Looked stuff over pretty good then came on home. Fixed and ate lunch then took a break for the afternoon. Fixed and ate supper, then headed out to the Tuesday night auction. Got there after it had started and took a seat at the back. Wasn’t planning on getting anything but as per usual ended up buying a few items that were just too good to pass up. Got 4 3″ heavy cast iron C clamps for a $1 each. Likewise $1 each for 4 jars of name brand apple jelly. 2 5 packs of 8″ assorted files with wooden handles for $2 each. 4 carabiners with built in locking knife and key ring for $0.50 each. And a wood plane for $3. Overall was a pretty good auction. Had a new seller there but the stuff they had wasn’t quite what the crowd was used too and a bit overpriced. The stuff we got was all from a guy that has been there before. Next week is supposed to be a seller from Georgia that does store buyouts and has case lots of low priced (Dollar Store) items. Will see when it gets here.

For now am gonna do a bit of reading and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Long day done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hot, hot, hot! Worked some in the bay of the workbuilding yesterday, and will work more in the coming days. Sorting/packing up computer equipment for pickup and recycling next week. It is HOT in that metal building! Going to get some student help this morning to move some stuff around, and then try to spend the day going through the machines and separating the sheep/goats, and removing RAM and suitable hard drives from the goats. At a leisurely pace–working fast in 100+ degrees is not indicated for health reasons. I’ll grab some machines on a cart and retire to the office, where there is A/C.

    Mainly this ‘n that yesterday related to the load-out. Came home and made home-made sloppy joes, which turned out pretty good. The son and his friend worked on installing a, well, not sure what to call it–A/V player, I guess–in the friend’s car. They removed the old stereo from the car, and then broke two screwdrivers trying to remove the screws holding it to the frame it mounts in. After I refused to let them break my electric drill trying (I didn’t thing a non-hammer drill would do it if the screwdrivers couldn’t hack it) they headed to your place, but, luckily for you, you were at the auction. So they called Bill and went over there and finally got the screws out and the new unit mounted. Apparently all works good, except the radio doesn’t pick up very well. I thought Toyota had a lock on the tightest screws in the world, but this Nissan is definitely in the running….

    Well, gotta fix the wife’s lunch for work, and get ready meself. Have a good day, and stay cool!


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