Friday on the roof

Started out the morning with getting the 5 gallon bucket of paint mixed up good and hauled to the roof. Decided to paint the wall after all so got on that first as the roof was still wet from the dew when I got up there. Put a couple of coats on the wall and then started on the roof. Got all but 4 sections of it painted before getting dizzy from the heat and took a break before I fell off. Cooled off a bit and then went back up and finished it up. Came down and after cooling off a bit, we loaded up and went to the PO to mail out some e-bay stuff. Went to Food Land for a few things and while there found out about a sale at Winn Dixie on ground chuck so went to the one in Saks to get some. Came home and fixed lunch and then took a break and read for a while. Cat got things together to go to Calcis for a reunion tomorrow. Then her brother came by and picked her up after he got off work. Been reading most of the evening. Fixing to hit the sack and start on something when I get up in the morning. Till then… šŸ˜‰


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