Rest of the day

Turned out to be not much done. Guess I overdid it yesterday and this morning. Did get back out a bit this evening after the coolness of the evening had started to set in. If you can call 92 F cool. Anyway, got the tomatoes piled up around with the rest of the bale of hay. Still got to get out and stake them and tie them up but tis closer than was. Also gave the hay on both beds a good soaking so hopefully all the plants will perk up by the morn and not droop as much during the day tomorrow. Cat just got back in from Calcis and is out feeding the horde. I’m trying to decide what I want for supper. For now am gonna go and finish a book and then decide. Till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a worn-out evening, and then a busy morning/day, and another worn-out evening, so I am commenting for a couple of days…

    Friday had a couple of student workers helping me, and we got all but the computer pallet ready to go. I can finish that myself Monday, when hopefully it will be cooler. It was blasted hot out there. To begin with, it was hot. We did two pallets with a couple of breaks in there, and then when we went back out into the workbuilding bay, it had gone from hot to roasting. I mean, the difference was striking. Got everything done that was going to be done that day, and then I went to lunch. After lunch went by and checked a computer that had blue-screened the day before, but it was fine. Cleaned up files and got disk cleanup going, left it on and went home where I continued with the clean up remotely. REALLY needed defragging. A lot of video had gone through that machine, and even with 500 GB Windows STILL can’t put the files on there sequentially. What a shock, eh? Didn’t do a lot that evening, was too worn-0ut.

    Saturday we got up and I did coffee, then went out and pulled the blower motor from the wife’s car. It had been out of balance and vibrating for a while, and finally had a chance to pull it out. Took a little while to figure out how it came out, but got it out OK and found a large amount of what looks like insulation in the squirrel cage. I don’t really see how it moved ANY air, it was so full. Got it cleaned out and ran it, and it ran smooth. Put it all back together, and it worked great. Yeah! Didn’t have to buy a new motor. I showered and ate breakfast/lunch/whatever, and the wife, daughter and I loaded up and went to Dogtown to Akin’s Furniture to look for a new piece of furniture for the living room. Thinking about a reclining love seat–the love seat we have, well, frankly, SUCKS in the sitting department. Got up there in the heat of the day (saw a couple of temp signs that said 97 on the way, and I saw no reason to dispute them) and discovered that they don’t have A/C there. It was warm, to say the least. We looked and saw some pretty neat stuff, and a lot of over-priced stuff (Broyhill in particular–unless these folks are using trained beavers to carve this stuff with their teeth and PETA negotiated their contract for them, the money they want for that stuff is ridiculous–I characterized one love seat as “$750 per ass!” which the wife is still chuckling about–and true!) and decided to get the model number of one thing that wasn’t too bad, price-wise, and check both with the credit union and with other furniture stores–if we finance, I want it to be with our credit union, not with these, uh, “folks”. Left there and went (via the 12-mile winding road downhill–well, MOSTLY downhill, or downhill overall) to the Little River Canyonmouth Park, or Ri0 Grande East, to judge from the dominant language. Not knocking the Latinos at all, I have no problem, it’s just kinda funny to be in the South and hear Spanish everywhere. We all had the same thought while we were there–our church sent a mission trip to Honduras yesterday, and it occurred to all of us that we and they were both hearing about the same amount of Spanish. The girls swam about an hour, while I sat on the bank. I don’t trust my legs in water like that–just BEGGING for an infection. Been there twice last year, and am trying REAL hard to stay away from there again. Afterwards we went home via Hokes Bluff and got BBQ at Pig ‘n Out. Turned in early (seven for the wife) but then woke up later and stayed up till midnight.

    Now it is approaching time to get ready for church. Will try to come home and stay inside the rest of the day and get some computer stuff done. Stay cool, dude!


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