Saturday morning first bits

Started out with putting the hose back in for the summer so we can water the plants. Doesn’t sound like much but in this case the faucet is in the bathroom, so have to route the hose up to the second floor and then through the front wall over the q-hut to get it to where it needs to be to water the plants. No biggie as I have all the holes cut, just usually have two of us to do the deed, but today was only me, so had to do several up and down and in and out trips to get it done. Started the watering and then decided to add more mulch to the potatoes. Which necessitated adding another 8 to 10 inches of siding to the bed. Got the bale of hay moved around front and then started moving brick from one bed border to the potato bed. And moving limestone from inside to out front and using it to rebuild the border around the tomato bed where the brick came from. At this point, all the plants are watered, and the tomato bed is rebordered. Most of the potato bed is done and about 2/3’s of the limestone that needs moving has been. I am dripping and taking a break. More later… 😉


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