Sunday morn

And the way my muscles and joints feel you’d think I had been doing physical labor or something very much like it. Gonna take it easy today and hope a rest day lets me get back at it tomorrow. Got the stuff to build a light box for photographing stuff we have for sale and may try to put that together later on. Should anyone else want to build one, the best price I have seen for the foam core is at the Dollar Tree at a buck for a 20×30 piece, which is much better than the Wally World price or $3 + for the same stuff. For now I’m gonna veg out on the couch with a book. Till later/tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Sunday morn”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Well, lost power for several hours there–by several I mean 3 to 4. Went out when the storms came through, and didn’t come back on until about 5:30 or so. Looking at doppler radar I guess we’ll get hit again before too long. Hopefully will have time to cook supper–it’s going now…


  2. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Well, the power stayed on the rest of the night, but I didn’t really get anything done. And I had such hopes for the day…oh, well, lightning didn’t get anything either, so I guess it’s OK.

    Have a good one! And enjoy the cooler (only upper 80s!) temps!


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