Slightly cooler Monday

Started out with putting the light box together and after getting it to the point of putting lights in it found that the large pile of bits I had were lacking at least one light fixture. So started out with a trip to the PO and then went to the Jacksonville Wally World. Wandered the isles for a while looking but found nothing I was willing to spend the money on so got the rest of what we were after and went to the West Point Thrift store to see what was new. Cat found a couple of books and I picked up some game boy games that were too cheap to pass up. No joy on the light fixture. Headed home to eat lunch and when passing Steve N Sue’s place saw Aaron cutting grass and stopped to see if he had a game boy we could check the games on. Talked to he and Sue for a bit and then headed on home. Ate lunch and then took a lie down which lasted longer than I had planned. Got up and cooked and then ate supper and have been reading since. Feeling a bit better today, so maybe tomorrow will be a bit more productive. For now am gonna go back to the couch and a book, so till tomorrow… đŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Slightly cooler Monday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a cooler day–certainly not cool, but much better than the 2 weeks or so preceding it. It was actually bearable in the workbuilding bay. Which is where I spent a large part of the day, finishing up the loadout for the Apple recycling people. Started at the high school, where the boss and I gathered up a PU bed-full of stuff, then went to the workbuilding, where I pulled RAM and such and stacked the pallet a little more. Later in the day wrapped it up, and right after that the boss came out there, and we added one more layer and then wrapped it up good. Much easier with two to do it. Then put the paperwork on it, and after picking up a slush at Sonic (it was about 3:30 by then, and I had skipped lunch) went in and updated the inventory database with the stuff I had removed. By then it was ~4:30, so I went home, with a brief stop to get gas. Got home, and fixed nachoes for supper. “The Whole Nine Yards” came on about the time we sat down to eat, so we watched it (I think I have seen the last 30-45 minutes several times, but only seen the entire thing start to finish once before–great movie!) after which it was pushing bedtime. Retired before 10 and slept well, with the usual weird dreams.

    Today I’ll start off with setting up/updating computers at the high school, and then move to the workbuilding to wait on the recycling people, who will be there “between 12:00 and 4:00”. Hope they don’t run late…

    Have a good one!


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