Tuesday done

Started the morning with a call from a friend with a tree across his drive. Loaded up the saw, fuel, and bar oil and went that way with a detour by the Alexandria PO to post a package. Cut the tree up and moved the pieces into the woods. Was beetle killed pine so of no use in the firebox. Did some measuring and figuring on some work he needs me to do for him, then came home to do lunch. Afterwards went back out to check prices on materials to do the assorted jobs. Came home and took a break with a book. Cooked and ate supper and then finished the book, with a break to start gluing the light box seams. Got one end done and the other drying now. Both back seams are taped and waiting glue as soon as that on there is cured enough to not run. Then will cut a couple of pieces of wood and make the frame for the lights to mount to. For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Tuesday done”

  1. Steve Says:

    Got busy this morning and didn’t comment. Will catch up now….

    Had a day at the high school yesterday morning, setting up some computers upstairs. Got them set up, and started updating them, then went to Wally World and got lunch and went to the workbuilding. Continued working on the computers remotely and got them done. Was doing some other stuff when the truck came to pick up the six pallets of obsolete/broken equipment we were sending off. Watched the guy load it up (he had a pallet jack, and he positioned the truck so that it was a downhill run from the building to the truck) and after he left I did too. Went home and started working on a computer I am redoing for someone I work with. Installed the 1 GB stick of RAM that he bought from Newegg (after blowing out some of the worst dust bunnies I have seen in a while!) and got it going. All KINDS of things popping up, including a webpage on the desktop that I couldn’t get rid of. Haven’t seen THAT one before…finally loaded SUPERAntispyware and got rid of enough stuff (as well as uninstalling several things) to where I could copy files off, which is all I wanted to do. Well, not quite all, or I would have just stuck a Puppy disk in the thing and not worried about running XP. I need to get the install keys for a few things, and I frankly don’t know how to do that in Linux–or even if you can. Got a lot of stuff moved over/moving over and went to bed.

    Got up this morning, and on further reflection (it hit me after I was in bed) ran a virus scan on my machine (where the files were going to) and made sure that they hadn’t brought any “friends” with them. Only three file had problems (downloaded music files–who woulda thunkit, eh?) and Antivir fixed those. Also made breakfast, washed dishes, made the wife’s lunch, and then paid the garbage bill and balanced the checkbook before leaving. See why I didn’t have time to comment?

    Went back to the high school, where I worked on some more machines, and on getting all the information/accounts for the new folks ready. Didn’t get as much done on the machines as I would have liked, but think I made good strides toward getting all the infrastructure (e-mail, IM, and so forth) set up so when I get to the new folks it will go much faster. Just now paused to shut down a machine remotely that had been defragging.

    Now, I’m picking up some stuff here (food that I need to take home) and going to Edward’s for a few things (looks like hotdogs for supper–along with the chips I have here…) and then home to work on the other computer some more. Maybe I’ll be able to drag myself to the storage building and find a monitor for the computer in the bedroom…and maybe not, it is STILL hot.

    Have a good one!


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