The rest of Thursday

Turned out to be not much. Other than reading and cooking a couple of meals, only thing I did was to start preping the outside of the back room to paint. Just cleaning the plywood and caulking nail holes and such. Seem to be still paying for the wood cutting the other day. Hoping tomorrow will be a bit more productive. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “The rest of Thursday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good day. Went to the high school and got several computers up and running, and then went to Effina’s for lunch with the Central Office folk. Effina’s (which I hadn’t been to before) was about what I thought it would be–good, and somewhat expensive. The waiter was a guy I went to Ayers with, he had spent five years writing screenplays in California! He said there wasn’t a lot of market for that around here…said he was going back soon, had been here about a year. Went back to the workbuilding and finished up the computers remotely, then went home, after a side trip to Wally World. After that, not much for the rest of the evening.

    On a side note, I ran into Lynn Bowker and Teresa at No. 1 Chinese Buffett Wednesday afternoon when I went there for lunch. He came over and we talked a while. Imagine my shock when I looked at the obituaries this morning and saw that his wife had died Wednesday at home! Wow! From his demeanor, I don’t thing that was on his mind when I talked to him–the possibility, that is…thought you would want to know. He said that Teresa had been married for three years, and that her husband had died on the day he went home from the hospital after being there for 10 days. I didn’t go over and say anything, she didn’t look like she really wanted to talk.

    Well, today we will celebrate our anniversary, which is tomorrow. The wife works then, and neither of us do today, so we’ll go celebrate today. The fireworks this year are at the high school rather than the coliseum. We might go, we’ll see…

    Have a good day!


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