End of the week

And working toward the weekend. Used up the last of the caulk I had this morning and then painted the south most east wall of the building. started on the south wall and after running out of caulk bent a piece of roofing to make a sun shade for the window on that wall. Got it secured and then called it a morning as I had been out without a shirt and had gotten about done in the sun. Not blistered but nicely browned. Loaded up and went to Wally World at Lenlock where we picked up another 4 tubes of caulk along with a bunch of stuff for Martha (Cat’s mom) as well as a new freezer for her. Ended up having to unbolt the camper shell to get the freezer on board but managed to get it (and everything else) loaded. And pissed off several folks wanting to park next to us but not being able to as we had things piled in the parking space. By the time it was all loaded I was hoping one of the arse hats WOULD come back and say something to me. It would NOT have been pretty. Next stop was to get fuel and ended up in line for about 20 minutes and is a whole nother story that is best put in the over and done with pile and hope it doesn’t happen again. Back home and unloaded all but the freezer then ate a late lunch and then took a afternoon siesta till it cooled off a bit outside. After it cooled off a bit I went back out and continued to caulk more of the south wall. Cut a couple of pieces of wood and finished off the sun shade on the south window. After getting a bit tireder than I had planned on called it a day and came in and read for a while. Started a pan of fresh green beans cooking and after they were about done cut them off and Cat and I went out side to see if we could see the Jacksonville fireworks from here. No such luck. 😦 Stayed out till 9:30+ and then came in and finished fixing supper. Ate and then sat down to do this. Am about to go and read a bit and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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