Always something

Went out this morning to finish caulking the south wall so I could paint it, after getting run in by mosquitoes last night. Did a bit of caulking and then got the ladder out to get up and take the metal down where I had a flue run through. discovered that I had put the metal up prior to putting some top trim on. As it’s all put on with screws, no problem says I. I get the rafter end piece taken down and discover a large active red wasp nest behind it. Well since they didn’t swarm me when taking the first piece off I decide to try to work around them and see if I can get the 2×4 off the bottom. The long screws screeching out irritate them some but they stay on the nest and I get that piece off which exposes the screws at the top of the metal. I start taking the screws out of the metal and they get most upset and all pose to go into launch mode. I decide that retreat is the better part of valor as I am on the top of a ladder and there are many more of them than me, so get down, clean up and go to the store for spray. Get back and spray them and am able to get the metal off. Locate and cut pieces of 2×4 to screw around the edges to attach a piece of plywood to and screw them in place. Measure the opening that I now need to fill and after spend some time digging through the piles discover that I’m gonna have to piece 2 sections to fill the opening. Tis quite warm by this time so I retreat to the cooler recesses of the dwelling and after a cooling draught of Dihydrogen Monoxide came in here to post this bit of blather about mostly nothing. Gonna sit with a book for a bit and then get back at it, as I would like to get that back wall painted today. Till later… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Be careful! You never know what happen after dosing with dihydrogen monoxide…you might even have to piss!

    Had a pretty good day yesterday–didn’t have to deal with any red wasps, so that was a good thing. Slept until I wanted to get up (which is rare around here) and the wife and I more or less took it easy until about three when we took off to celebrate our anniversary. Went and got some medicine, then went to Oxford and watched “The Proposal”, which was a good if completely predictable movie. I mean, there have been TONS of the “we aren’t supposed to fall in love but we do” movies, but this one was very well done and had a good bit of humor in it. Went to the Dollar Tree afterwards and picked up a number of things, including a LARGE supply of deodorant for, of course, $1.00 a stick. Large sticks of Right Guard–really good buy! Then went to Red Lobster and ate absolutely too much very good food. Came home, and went to bed shortly thereafter. We couldn’t see the fireworks from HERE, either…

    The wife went to work this morning, and I took a nap after she left, and now am getting going, finally. I am about to go water her plants, and do some computer stuff until I go to my folks for a cookout. Be careful on that roof!


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