Rainy start to the 5th

Got up when I heard the rain, went out and moved the grill and now soaked charcoal under shelter, then came back in and fixed coffee and then breakfast. Afterwards went back out and took a half a sheet of 5v tin and with a couple of logs and a 15 lb maul formed a gutter looking thing that I hung under the edge of the tin roof on the back porch. Another piece of tin propped up with a cement block created the downspout that funnels the water into the ditch. Placed 3 pieces of semi solid oak decking, that I took off the big trailer due to rot, as a walkway out and over the ditch. Now we can get out without getting dripped on, at least from the roof.

With the rain moving in looks like we’ll be doing something other than going to Calcis. Been needing to get back to work on the trailer/camper, so guess I will spend at least some time out there, cleaning the area up and getting ready to finish welding the frame. Till later… šŸ˜‰


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