Sunday afternoon

Got some of the work platform cleared off, at least enough for me to be able to get up and do a bit. Got the contact part of the springs coated with grease and then put back together. Got one spring assembly put on and bolts pulled tight. Got the other one in place but was getting tired and took a break. Came in, fixed and ate lunch, then took a book and nap break. Got up and did a bit on the computer and then after getting garbed for the mosquitoes went back out to the trailer frame. Located the elusive last bolt (seems like the last one is always the one that hides) and with only a few hammer blows got the other spring assembly put into place and bolts snugged down. Next will be to finish welding the 2 supports beams onto the hitch and making one last check on all the welds. Then it’ll be time to turn the frame over and reattach the axle and start the building process yet again. Just in time to buy another tag for it, and haven’t yet had it out on the road with the last two. Maybe three will be a charm…

For now am gonna see what I can put together for supper. Till later/tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday afternoon”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Just spent the day after church working on computers. Updates and similar fun stuff, as well as surfing.

    Slept all the way to six this morning (woot!). About to go get coffee and wake up my brain–been running mainly on spinal cord reflexes so far today.

    Have a good day!


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