Monday and little done

Twas one of those day in which I had little energy, so other than a trip out to post a package and a trip to Wally World to get stuff for Cat’s mom, nothing but meals got done. Gonna try to make a trip to Calcis tomorrow, energy level allowing. For now am gonna go back to my couch after finding another book. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Monday and little done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    You don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a book, do you? (Insert smiley or other graphic HERE, every time I try to, it doesn’t work…)

    Had a Monday–not bad, not as planned, just a Monday. Had to go to the elementary school first to get the Internet going–had a power outage sometime this weekend and one piece of equipment didn’t reboot, for some reason, and it killed Internet access. Unplug/replug, and all better. At least it wasn’t like the Anniston Star–they had a lightning hit on their main router and were offline for about 24 hours. When Thor speaks, we ALL listen…wound up doing some stuff for the principal, and then went to Central Office where I found out that a friend had died. Just fell down dead at work. Not good news. Went to the high school and did some stuff there until time to go. Got home and right after getting out of the shower, found out that our Sunday school class was going to take food to and visit with the family of the friend that died–he was in our class. So, picked up something and went over there and visited. Got home around eight something, and didn’t do much but watch the World Series of Poker on TV. Don’t you know those players must be REALLY pissed when they look at the shows and see what they laid down their cards for. Or what they didn’t, though of course they found out at the time about that, usually. Interesting to watch.

    Now about to head to work–planning on going to the high school (like I planned to yesterday before things went slowly widdershin) and get some stuff done today. Have a good one, and drive carefully! Lots of idiots out there….


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