Tuesday done

Did the Calcis trip this morning. Got the new freezer installed and the old one loaded in the truck to bring back and check out. Picked up an old iMac from Cat’s aunt while down there and have been playing around with it since we got back. It’s an old 350 mhz g3 and has some problems with the video but is still mostly usable. Got some updates running on it at present, trying to get it up to 9.2.2. 🙂 Still got a couple of updates to go to get there but getting closer. Not sure how current an os it will run. I found some old ram and upgraded it from 128 mb to 389 mb or some such. The hd is a 6.3 gb and may try upgrading it too at some point just for giggles.
Back from getting the iMac a bit closer. It’s doing the 9.1 to 9.2.1 update now. Only one left to do and it’s already downloaded, just got to get it to 9.2.1 to go to 9.2.2… Still haven’t found a current browser that will work. Tired iCab but tis just a slow and cumbersome as I remembered it to be. May see what linux distro’s will run on it as most of them will run current browsers. Or I can condemn it to the junk pile as it should be and get on with working on something useful. But where’s the fun in that…
Guess I need to go out and load the table parts back in the truck so they don’t get wet in case it does rain tonight, so till tomorrow… 😉


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4 Responses to “Tuesday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    iMac–cool! Always wanted one, keep checking yard sales/side of the road in case someone throws one out…it happens…

    Had another full day. Went to the high school and worked on some machines, including one weird-acting one. Spent the morning there, then went to Taco Hell for lunch. Lunch was OK but about 4:45 this morning it woke me up in afterburner mode. Oh, well, I just went ahead and stayed up. After lunch went to Central Office and wound up doing various things there until about four or so, when I went back to the high school and picked up some things and got another machine going to update from home. Then went to Wally World, Papa Johns, the elementary school to drop off something, and then finally home. Hopefully today will be able to more or less stick with setup at the high school. If I can get in there and stick with it, should get some stuff done.

    Went home and ate, and just as I was about to start on some computer stuff the wife came in from work, so I talked with her until she went to read/Facebook and then I did the stuff I needed to. Turned in about 10:30 pretty worn out.

    Now it’s another day. Woot! I think the coffee is about done, and I’m about ready for it. Have a good one!


  2. depatty Says:

    This isn’t one of the really neat ones but rather the Bondi blue version. Not first generation but a 350 mhz with set amount of video ram. And seems to have either bad video ram or a bad video chip, not sure which. Whatever it is it appears to require a new motherboard to repair the problem and I ain’t springing for that on a machine that can be bought for $30.00 or less on e-bay. May see about putting a larger hard drive in it and using it as a server. Video works but there are smears and distortions on the screen and streaks coming out from the mouse pointer. Have played with it some more and got the Logitech mouse driver installed so the wheel and right button work. Also downloaded a early version Mozilla browser so you can actually see most of the stuff on the web now. Also updated the firmware so is ready if I decide to install OS X in whatever version, though 9.2.2 is a lot faster than I remember it being.


  3. Steve Says:

    Just saw on Slashdot a new version of Mozilla for Mac OS 9 called Classilla.
    Don’t know what the URL will do that I pasted there, but worth a shot. I’ll have to download onto my Starmax and see what happens.


  4. depatty Says:

    Yea, I found that a couple of days ago, downloaded it and the first time I ran it it was fine, but from then on after first loading a page it would crash with a Type 3 error. Have tried deleting the folder and reinstalling it as well as removing the mozilla preferences file from the system/prefs folder but still doing the same thing. Also tried to increase the memory in the info panel but didn’t help either. Guess I will try downloading it again and see if I got a corrupted download.


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