Another do little day

Got up tired and not gotten any better as the day went on. Got a call from a friend about his computer going out about midday and after talking to him for a bit suggested he bring the hard drive from the old one and the replacement machine over as he is on dialup and we’d hook it up to the network and get the needed updates and stuff installed and go from there. Which we did. Still having some trouble with notepad launching on boot up but upon running avast on a boot scan it gave both drives a clean bill of health. He’s got SuperAntiSpyware running now and will let me know what it finds tomorrow. Guess if it doesn’t find anything will be registry time. Think I am gonna find something to read (and the problem isn’t just finding something to read but to find that particular book I WANT to read) and then make an early night of it. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another do little day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I know what you mean about finding a book. My library isn’t 1/100th the size of yours, and I STILL can’t make up my mind….

    Had a fairly good day. Got several computers done, found one (but only one!) with weird Windoze Update activity–won’t work. Tried several of the usual things, and a couple of the unusual, and still didn’t work. I am contemplating it and will return…otherwise, pretty good day. Did the usual Wally World trip after work and got, among other things, the makings for a broccoli casserole for the West family today. They are eating at the church prior to the funeral, and our Sunday school class is providing the food, along with the church. Got the casserole ready to bake whilst checking out a laptop that apparently the only problem was a bad DVD in the drive that was making it crazy. Had found that Sunday, and checked it out and gotten rid of ~18 GB of temp files and defragged it. I surfed and such on it last night and it seems find. Returning it today.

    Well, gotta get ready and go. Want to get several computers to the point that I can finish them remotely later. Going to the funeral, and afterwords I think I may just call it a day (after checking in) and do the finishing stuff remotely from home. Or from the workbuilding, we’ll see. Ya never know..

    Have a good one!


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