Bits and pieces of Thursday

Got out this morning and did some more cleaning up on the back south wall. Caulked the last few seams and thought I got the last of the staples pulled. Did some cleaning up out back, moved some of the tin and started getting the area cleared and cleaned up where the next section of porch roof is going up. Got a bit more cleaned up under the sheds and around the work area for the trailer frame. Uncovered and moved a bunch of metal cutoffs and bits and pieces from the east end of the trailer and started preping the area to put in a tire retaining wall. Got to get the tractor out and put the blade on it to do some other landscaping first, hoping to get to that sometime before the next rainy season, so I can route the water away from the trailer on the north side. Lot more cleaning up before that gets done but every bit gets it a little closer.
Went in, cooled off a bit and then did lunch and took a break afterwards for a couple of hours, then went back out and finished scraping loose paint off the south wall. Got the bucket of exterior primer/sealer and after stirring it up good put a good heavy coat on the south wall and recoated part of the east wall that I had painted with interior last week. This was when I found all the staples I had failed to pull this morning. Will have to get them out before the finish coat, but at least I can see where they are now. Hoping to get the lower west wall prepped tomorrow but depends on how much time other things take up. Will see when it gets here.
For now am gonna go and do a bit of reading and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bits and pieces of Thursday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Had a different sort of day Thursday. Went in to work at the high school, and FINALLY got to the new wing machines that needed video cards. Got all of them installed and set up, and got the machines well on the way to upgraded, when I left for home. Ate lunch, and then remoted in and finished up all but two of the machines, and then had to change clothes for the funeral. Went to that, then went to Sonic and got drinks and went home. It was after 3:30 by then, so there wasn’t much sense in going back to work. Got beat at Scrabble by the wife, then cooked supper and ate/cleaned up the kitchen. Went to bed about 9:30 or so and slept all night without even going to the loo. Woke up at 5:30 and got going earlier than usual, wound up here at the high school just after 7:30. Been going pretty good, four of the classrooms that I was going to set up still aren’t done having their floors waxed, but there are enough to keep me busy today.

    Hope it goes well with you today, and, personally speaking, I hope we get rain (but no lightning!) today. Looks like we have a chance…


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