Sunday morn

Was planning on getting the rest of the welding done on the frame today, so went out and did a bit more clearing/clearing out in the work area. Located and hooked up another extension cord and then got the battery charger moved and hooked to the welder battery and got it charging. Located and moved into position some of my dirt working tools and just started clearing the ground in front of the radial arm saw to finish up laying brick to stand on rather than weeds and assorted crap when the heat got to me and I had to come in and sit for a while. Beginning to think I have picked up another bug as I also have a sore throat and seem to be running a low grade fever. Gonna try to get out in a bit and do as much more as I can. Guess it will be small bites today. Till later… 😉

Tis later (a bit) and I got a few more things done before the heat ran me back in. Got the hoe head secured a bit better and sharpened. Mattock sharpened. Some of the grass hoed out of the ditch. Most of the wood picked up off the ground in front of the saw. About half of the area to be filled with brick raked, broken up with hoe and mattock, raked level and packed a bit. About half the brick hauled in, placed, and ready to be walked on. Battery is still charging. Dave is about worn out and dripping wet. As is my mopping towel. Got the AC on and am gonna take a break till I cool off a bit.


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One Response to “Sunday morn”

  1. Steve Says:

    The heat was very oppressive today. Actually, the humidity was, the heat was just usual July heat. I guess that is so of the humidity too, but I think it may be a little more humid than usual this year. Or I am just getting older…

    Haven’t done a whole lot this weekend, and don’t really regret it. Was too hot/humid to do much outside, and we just kinda took it easy this weekend. The week begins anew tomorrow, I feel sure I will make up for it then.

    Have a good one!


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