New computer desk done

Just finished putting the pieces of hardware back together with some wood scraps into a new configuration which for me works much better.

Back view from the side. Top three shelves were lids from some old military crates. Desk top and bottom computer shelf were an old display door that was made from 3/4 inch plywood that I cut into two pieces.


Front view of the bottom. Not sure what happened with the monitor blur but the rest of the picture still shows what I want to show so…


Front view of the top section with keyboard tray in.


And extended. Keyboard tray is a piece of 1″x12″ from some old kitchen shelves that were given to me several years ago.


Thanks for the pieces, Steve! Turned out to be a rather nice setup with some real wood added. 😉


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One Response to “New computer desk done”

  1. Steve Says:

    Dang! You done good! That looks like a really good desk now…can we have it back, we changed our minds…insert smiley here, I STILL can’t do it….

    Actually, be sure and thank the son also, ’twas his desk, I just thought that you might could use it. You used it the way that secret government agency used Steve Austin…”We can rebuild him. We can make him BETTER than he was!”

    Wow. You sure did. And for a lot less than $6,000,000.00 too. Of course, if you had charged the $6 Million Dollar Man on your pre-paid Visa, it might have run 23 quadrillion plus….


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