One of those days

Got out this morning and did a bit of work on the truck. Seemed to be running better. Got stuff boxed and ready to ship out, ate lunch and headed out. Got about half the way up the first hill on the Alexandria Jacksonville Highway and had to turn around it was knocking so bad. Made it home before it died. Cranked back up but is not sounding good at all. Got the bikes out. Taped the handlebar grips up on Cat’s, and aired all the tires up. Loaded up with water and headed out. Tis quite a ride to the Alexandria PO from here. Easier coming back as the first big hill is the worst one on the trip. Between us we finished a quart of water by the time we got back. Took it fairly easy but I am still weak and hurting all over. Guess if nothing else will put us in better shape than we have been. Will go down in the field in a bit/tomorrow and see what it’s gonna take to get the Toyota truck back on the road. Not sure what the trouble is with the Ford but I suspect it’s internal engine/blown/cracked head and am just not up to doing much with it right now.

Back/gut is better. Been lying down with a small pillow wadded up in the area the back is out and it has eased the pinch/pain. Think the ride did some good too. For now am gonna read a bit more and then most likely take a nap. Till later/tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “One of those days”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hope both your back and the transportation situation improves. When it rains, it pours…at least the weather is cooler now…

    Had a pretty good Friday. Went in to work (leaving the wife snoring to the point I was going to ask her to change the saw blade before she started that next cord of wood–it sounded a little dull) and jumped right in at the elementary school. Got several computers going and updated, which is a variable amount of work. Some of them it is not much of anything (upgrade one app, uninstall a couple things that we don’t use anymore, run Windoze updates and configure IE8, which I can do in my sleep now, cleanup the disk an defrag) or is like a complete setup. We still have a LOT of machines on a dead domain (the server tanked over a year ago) and I am moving them to a workgroup. Nothing hard, just a little tedious, and, like shoes and socks, certain things have to be done in a certain order or it doesn’t go quite the way I want it to. I pretty much have it figured out now, only about 60 or teacher/staff computers to go. Then we can start on the student computers. Oh, boy. Just calling it job security.

    Went and got hot dogs for lunch ($.49 apiece, at the Shell station across from Ten Oaks–and they were good! Sausages as well as hot dogs) and went to the workbuilding, because I didn’t want to get crumbs all over the clean floors. Wound up setting up a computer for a new teacher while I ate, and then went by to get a laptop from a teacher to fix, and show her how to do some stuff on the computer. By the time I was done with that, I had to just drop the computer off upstairs and head home.

    Went home, changed, went by my mother’s house and dropped of a cake mix for her to make a birthday cake for the son, whose birthday is tomorrow. Then went to the wife’s uncle’s house for supper and Rook. Had a good time, but didn’t get home until after 11:30, and didn’t get to bed till nearly midnight.

    Got up at 5:30 (Thank God for coffee!), got the wife off to work and the son to Terrapin Creek, then went and put together a computer for the wife’s uncle–well, for her cousin the uncle’s daughter, actually. It’s a Tigerdirect Bare Bones kit–AMD AM2+ 7550 2.5 GHz, 3MB L2 cache processor, 2 GB stick of RAM, 500 GB WD Green SATA HD, and a case with power supply. That was $199.99. Another 25 or 30 dollars for a heat sink/fan, and $140 for XP Home, and I threw in a DVD-ROM I had laying around here, and Shazam! There’s a nice computer! I took about an hour to put it together (OK, I’m slow, but it booted first try. Woot!) and then TWO HOURS to format the HD. I literally went to Edwards, bought food, cooked it, and did dishes before it got the drive formated and Windoze installed. How come Linux formats so fast, and Windoze so slow? It runs well, and I did disk defrag before I shut it down and put it on the KVM so I can update/install stuff whilst working on my machine also. I cranked it up on the bar in the kitchen so that I could troubleshoot problems easier. So, of course it didn’t have any problems, which is FINE with me. Gotta “Activate” XP, and update it (which won’t be as bad as usual, because the disk had SP 3 on it) and then move data and get stuff like antivirus and such on it. It’s time like this I really miss Linux…oh, well, I might stick a disk in it just to see how it runs, or maybe even put Ubuntu on a partition and let them try it out.

    Well, better get going again, I guess. Have a good day!


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