Sunday done

And tired from it too. Let the Toyota truck battery charge overnight. Aired the flat tire up and put the other front one back on. Took a bit to get fuel to the carb but it then cranked up pretty well. Got a fouled plug but still running ok on 3. Moved it up to the back of the house and used the angle grinder and hammer and chisel to remove the weld on the rear panel with lights and tag mount. Light covers were broken and tag lights were broken off so decided to just remove the entire thing and start over. Got the lights off of the transport dollies and am gonna see if I can mount a couple of them as tail and brake lights. Will do something else for the tag. Been thinking about turning it into a camper rather than a flat bed anyway so may look at taking the entire bed off and starting over from scratch. Not sure as of yet the status on the Ranger. Thinking it may have jumped time. Got to get back to it tomorrow and look to see. Would be nice if that’s all it is. Timing belt isn’t that hard to put on that engine if memory serves.

After doing as much with the truck as I felt up to doing today took a pile of trash to the field and cleared an area to burn it in. Then hauled several wheelbarrow loads of dirt and ash down and put around the area to keep the fire from spreading. Burned a bunch of brush and rotted wood over the afternoon.

Got another bike trip to the Alexandria PO in the morning with some E-Bay stuff so need to rest up for the tiip. One thing about the riding is that my legs are much tighter than they have been in a long time. Am about done in. Gonna go and read a while and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good Sunday. Got up and got the wife off to work, and then looked at a laptop that I had to fix. Turned out to be a rather easy fix, so I carried it to church with me and gave it to the owner at Sunday school. Went to the new donut shop (eating the remnants now for breakfast–good!) and then to Food Outlet to get food for the son’s birthday doings Sunday evening. Came home and took it easy a while, and then started up the grill and made hamburgers. Got them on the grill and cooked (which took a while–I use one of those smoker grills) and then put some brats on. People came over, the wife came home from work, and we did the birthday thing. After that, it was bedtime.

    Now it’s Monday again, so off to work in a little bit. Have a good day, and good luck with the trucks.


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