Another weary day

Was still worn out this morning but got a call from my mom about tomatoes so hopped on the bike and peddled that way. Hills and all was about a 15 minute ride. Got there and ended up bringing my dad’s truck back to use till I can get the Ranger or something else going. Still planning on using the bikes to go to the PO and get other stuff for the exercise if nothing else. Anyway got back and fixed and ate lunch then went out and did more cleaning up and clearing off and burning, which took most of the rest of the daylight hours. Still got a long way to go on cleaning up out back but getting the trash pile gone has gotten the worst of it done. Most of what’s left is just moving and stacking stuff. Found another pile of short shelving brackets in the junk. So will get more storage built on the back porch here soon (as in the next couple of days) to put tools and parts for the assorted building projects. For now am gonna read a bit and then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another weary day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Byte by byte eats the elephant-sized hard drive….

    Had a pretty good Monday. Went straight to the elementary school and started in on 5th/6th grade again. Ended up getting them all done by the end of the day. Guess I’ll start at 4th until I get pulled away…maybe I’ll get them done first. Hope so. Came home (after making the usual errand runs after work) and finished up Santa’s computer, and then ate whilst he was on the way over. Got that to him, and then relaxed until bedtime. Not a bad day, and better weather you could not ask for in July in Alabama.

    Today awaits! I guess I’ll go start breakfast, and pack the wife’s lunch, and get the trash ready to go out….there is ALWAYS something….


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