Bits and Pieces

Spent the morning cleaning, clearing, sorting and stacking stuff in the area on the south side of the back room where I want to put a work shed. Got about half or a little more done before heat and exhaustion called a halt to the job. Had to get the tractor and boom to move one piece out of the way and left it out for later in the day. Heated and ate lunch and then went to the PO to mail some E-Bay stuff out and then went to Wally World to get Cat’s mom a bunch of stuff she needs. Ended up about 2 hours there and then came home and unloaded and sorted stuff. Returned a phone call and went over and did some measuring, then returned, relayed the info, and talked a bit of future business for almost an hour. Afterwards I went back out and cranked the tractor up and moved the trailer I have been using for a wet weather shop to a less accessable location but one that isn’t in the way of things I need to be doing right now. As that was the last bit I needed the boom for right now I took it off and hooked the bushhog up and started doing a bit of cutting till the fuel situation became critical. Managed to keep it running long enough to get it back to the barn and under cover for the nights rain and came inside. Fixed and ate supper and am now sitting down for a bit prior to getting a shower. Got to go and renew a domain name that’s fixing to lapse, so until tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Says:

    Had a pretty good day meself. Started at the elementary school, where I showed the assistant principal how to make DVDs that would play in just about anything. I have done this before, but this time I made notes for him to use. I think that will do it. Then went over and started on the 4th grade computers. Got them done as far as updating goes, and that was pretty much the day at work. Went to Wally World to get the yogurt that I had forgotten the day before. Met a teacher there that told me about some stuff that kinda changed my day for today. Went home and ate supper, then called Santa and talked about his other computer I have to work on. Went to bed kinda early (9:00) and had a TON of VERY weird dreams. Some asshat (private name, private number) called about 3:00 this morning–the wife got it or I would have had a conversation with the folks. Love early morning wrong numbers, especially if they start with the “Who’s this?” routine. Hey, YOU called ME, if you won’t tell me your name, you will get a dial tone real quick.

    Got up and did the usual morning routine, then went to work and started to work on setting up a couple of computers, in re the information I got the evening before from the teacher I ran into. Did that, and then checked the specs on Santa’s old computer. RAM was already maxed out at 512 MB, so I called Santa and we talked again and he is going to just order another bare bones kit from tigerdirect and I’ll build that for him.

    Now many things await me, so I must head out. Have a good day!


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