Thursday on the road

Loaded up and headed out by 11. Cruse control makes the trip much easier even if this truck uses a LOT more fuel than the Ranger does. Got down there and unloaded. I replaced the float/valve assembly in her toilet that was fouled with sand. Looks like I’m gonna get to clean the sand and gravel out from the spring next trip down. Cat just told me that someone has already cleaned it out so I ain’t gotta do that. 🙂 Got done and headed back and got to the river where we ate a picnic lunch about 2:30. Made a stop at Stan’s Natural Foods in Pell City where we got a few items they had on sale. Interesting place but as with most places of that ilk the prices just don’t fit our budget right now. Stopped at the Pink Variety Store on 78 for the first time. Have seen the place every time we have gone that way but just not had the time/inclination to stop. Place is a trip! Walked in and there was a chicken walking around in the floor. Name of Henrietta. And that should tell you something of the kind of place it is. I think it started life as a hardware store and they still have a LOT of hardware type stuff in there. A lot of it at prices that make it worth a trip even from here if you need more than a couple of things. Lot of other “China” type flea market stuff too along with a wide assortment of knives as well as a section devoted to mechanics type tools and such that we didn’t even get into. Cat picked up 50 keyrings at a dime a piece. I looked and kinda cataloged for later. Went on down the road and stopped in at a couple of other junk/antique places and then came on in with a quick stop at Food Land for supper fixings. Got to get out and get the freezer going tomorrow so we can get some of the sale items and put them back for later. They have a bunch of the PicSweet frozen veggies on at 5/$5 which is quite a savings over the regular price. Got in, unloaded, fixed and ate supper, and am about to veg on the couch with a book. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday on the road”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like fun. I have found that establishments with chickens walking inside them tend to be rather, uh, “unique”, I guess is the word I’m looking for. Just remember, if you hear banjo music there, paddle MUCH faster….better yet, start the outboard motor…

    I had a pretty good day. Spent most of the morning reconfiguring a server and redoing some machines remotely to access and use same. Then went to Donut Prince in Jacksonville (old Taco Bell building, VERY OLD Jack’s building) and got some very good baked goods that I absolutely didn’t need but enjoyed greatly a little bit later for lunch. Sausage rolls and apple fritter–Yum! They are open 5:00 to 13:00 every day, and worth stopping for. Went back to the elementary school and spent some time trying to get a map into a student handbook without scanning it. Gave up, and let the assistant principal just scan it–better resolution. Went over to the 3rd grade wing and got some computers updated. Then went back (with another server–going to consolidate a couple of programs on another machine, hopefully) to the workbuilding and worked on another new machine that I had almost done and then got interrupted on a while back. Going to set that sucker up today if it harelips me, as they say…Went home once I got a couple of GB of file copying over, and did leftover supper. Then, since the wife was going to a church function, and the daughter was going to see a movie at a friend’s house, I went and set up a new Toshiba laptop and HP wireless printer. Not a bad laptop, and the wireless printer is neat. Of course, the installer for the wireless printer led me astray to begin with (I mean, it IS HP–great hardware, the people who write the installer software should be taken out and shot AFTER a day or two on the fire ant mound) but I persevered and got it working. So we moved the monitor, tower, keyboard and speakers out of the way (the old computer, in other words) as well as the old air-locked Epson printer (surely you have dealt with air-locked Epsons before–the people that came up with that system should be on the next fire ant mound over) and set up the printer in an out-of-the-way area. Everything went scarily well, even with Vista. Either Vista is getting better or I’m getting more used to it. Or it could be that everything I did was geared to consumers, so they didn’t hide it like they do with all the “Geek” settings. Got home about 10:00, worn out, and went on to bed after about 10 minutes of TV to put my brain to sleep.

    About to go hit it–got things to do early at school. Have a good day!


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