And that it’s almost over. Did a bit of a training class for a customer this morning on her new linux computer. Think she got the basics without too much trouble. Expecting bits and pieces of follow up for the next few days (weeks?). Afterwards heated and ate lunch, then after a short rest went to Dollar Tree and Wally World at Lenlock and picked up a few things. Came back, unloaded and after a bit of quality time on the computer, went out and moved things around on the back porch and got the freezer in place and hooked up. Not sure it’s working right. Keeps running and is set to the warmest setting and last check below 0 F. May be that there is nothing in it or the thermostat may not be working right. Tis always possible to use an external thermostat if necessary. Will check again in a bit.
Been spending a fair amount of time on the EV forums, researching motor controllers and motors for small electric cars. Been thinking of converting the Honda Accord into one. With the forklift pieces I think I have everything necessary except the batteries and controller. For most of our running around it should work just fine. For now am gonna check the freezer again and then do some more reading on controller design and construction. Till tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    What kind of Linux computer? Is it one that she bought with Linux, or installed herself? Just wondering…

    Had a good Friday, methinks. Started of at the elementary school. Fixed a typo in an e-mail account I had made setting it up–had fixed the incoming, forgot that the outgoing would be affected by the same typo–momentary lapse of reasoning, I guess. Then went and looked at the room the AV Lab is moving to with the assistant principal. We figured out how we generally want to do things. I may get with you to help me swap out a hard drive in an eMac. Forty GB just isn’t enough for video work. Then went over and finished the 3rd grade teacher computers. After that I met the daughter at the workbuilding, and we went and got Chinese for lunch and ran a couple of errands. Went back to work and setup a new machine in the CO, then went home. Just knocked around the house for the rest of the house, worked some on a Dell for someone. 2.0 GHz Celeron, 256 MB of RAM, XP, and every IM client known to man. Slow is an understatement–it literally took five minutes from click to action when it first booted up. I got rid of a bunch of things at startup, and ~2.5 GB of temp files, and am now uninstalling a TON of things. It is much better, and I’m going to try and find some RAM for it.

    Well, about to go get bacon and eggs for breakfast. Have a good day!


  2. depatty Says:

    Twas a 3 ghz Dell tower with 2.5 gb ram that I removed Winblows XP pro from and installed Ubuntu and Edubuntu on along with adding a 500 gb hd for them to store stuff on. Had an internal 120 gb drive that I figured would work fine for whatever programs they can ever install under Ubuntu. I put the fake windows patch on in one of the users and left the other as out of the box. She has already installed a few programs and seems to be very happy with it.


  3. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Oh, yeah–meant to say earlier–we keep about 4 or 5 2-liter bottles of water in our freezer for thermal mass. Freezers just don’t do well when empty, I guess without some mass in there to provide thermal stability they temp swing too much. At least, that’s MY theory and as long as we have the bottles in there they do fine. If we get it too full of other stuff we will take them out, but that doesn’t happen much. Usually we just some of the food sitting on top of the bottles and everything is happy! Happy is good….

    I might see about installing Ubuntu or something on a machine today. I have one that is pretty good (P4 2.6 GHz, 1 GB of RAM) and I want to mess with Linux more. Just getting into the wide-out-open part of getting ready for school, and not sure how much time I’ll have. I guess I can load it and see what happens.


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