One of those days

Headed out this morning and got a quarter mile down the road when Cat said she had forgotten the water. I made a command decision to not come back to get it and headed on. Went the back way and when we got to one intersection were we were supposed to turn right I turned left and didn’t notice it till we came to an unexpected cross road back on the road we turned off of to begin with. Which meant we had gone about 7 miles to go around 2. Got back on the main road and followed it to 431 and stayed on it till we got to Poor Man’s Trade Day. Made a quick walk through and was about to leave when we found a $0.25 or 5 for $1.00 tarp so we got a dollars worth of assorted and mostly unneeded stuff. Left there and went to Hobby Lobby where I found I had left my wallet here at home. So Cat got the yarn she wanted/needed and we came back home. Ate lunch and she took a nap while I did some more reading on EV conversions. About 4 I woke her and we went to the Jacksonville Wally World for a few things. Came back home and after unloading and putting stuff up, I went out and fueled the tractor, greased the bush hog fittings and cut about 2 acres of easy to cut grass and brush. Next project will be to walk the tall brush and move the crap to easy to access locations in large piles and get it so I can cut without hitting stuff. At least on this side of the creek. The other side is another story as it will take several weeks/months to clear the airsoft crap up/out. Will get back on that come fall when the plant life starts dying down a bit so I can see where things are. For now am gonna do some more reading on EV conversions (and now that I can get to the old Honda Accord I’m gonna pull it out of the weeds and get it to where I can start stripping all the unneeded ICE and assorted support items/systems out to get started on converting it to an electric). Till tomorrow…


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One Response to “One of those days”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like an interesting day. I stayed home Saturday, with the exception of two trips to Edward’s grocery. The wife went to visit her best friend in Gadsden, and I worked on the Dell computer I’m working on for some folks. Got another stick of RAM in it to bring it up to 512 MB (which is nothing special, except that the difference between 256 & 512 is quite noticeable) and got it cleaned up and defragged. Then did the updates, including SP3. That took a while…running cleanup and defrag again now, and pretty much have done all I can without going to extremes, like even more RAM, a better hard drive, and a reinstall. The customer doesn’t want to go that far, and I’m happy with that. It is doing MUCH better than when I started out, so I’m going to let it clean up and call it quits.

    Had to get up earlier than I meant to, but it seems like normal anyway, so I am just going with it. About to go get some coffee, and take it from there. Have a good one!


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