Twas a day

And another that I am glad is over. After breakfast this morning we gathered stuff up and were planning on heading out, got into the truck and I decided to look under the hood and see if I could find the reason the exhaust noise got louder yesterday when leaving Gadsden. Was rather easy to find as the top had blown off of the Air Injection Check Valve at the back of the engine. And melted the split loom on the wiring loom which was running right beside it. So we unloaded and I proceeded to fire up the air compressor and get the air line run up to the truck. Got the tools together and hammered away at the connection with the impact wrench for a while. Added WD-40 to the connection and let it sit a while. Hammered away for a while longer and again let it sit for a few minutes while I mopped sweat and cooled off inside. Again with the impact and still no joy. More WD-40 and let it sit for another 15 minutes. Went back out and put the socket on the nut and it turned in my hand. Took the socket off and finished unscrewing it with my fingers! Back in and fixed lunch. Afterwards went online and found the part needed. Advance and O’Reilly Auto Parts offered the part and were around $34+ each. Auto Zone wanted $10 for it! Called the Anniston store and they didn’t have one but said the Gadsden store did. Called them and they confirmed that they did and had them put it on the counter for me. After getting the remains of the nut off I had gone to the barn and found that they had used a 3/4 inch 14 tpi pipe thread on this part so located a coupling and plug and plugged the pipe so the truck was drivable without noise or exhaust fumes coming inside. Headed that way and got the part along with a set of plug wires for the Ranger at about $10 less than either of the other above mentioned places of rip yer arse off wanted for a lesser quality product. So ended up getting both the valve and wires for what just the wires would have cost at the other 2 places and for $10 less than they wanted for the valve! That type of ripoff is just inexcusable! Guess I’ll be doing my parts buying from the Zone from now on. Headed back and stopped by Herrington’s new place at Bill’s Flea Market and got several things in the grocery line. Most of his stuff is slightly out of date but I’ve never had a problem with out of date stuff before so as long as the price is right… Talked for a good while and have some work to do on his mom’s computer later this week. Headed home and unloaded. Cooked and ate supper and got back to the computer, doing a bit of browsing and catching up when the power in the trailer (but not the quonset hut) shut off. Checked the main breaker in the trailer breaker box and it was hot as hell and tripped! Took the cover of the breaker panel off and tightened the connections on the wires and reset the breaker after cutting the AC breaker off. Went out side and extended the air hose to the front of the trailer and blew the fins on the ac out (which I had been meaning to do for some time). Turned it back on and it all seems fine. Did also move the extension cord to the freezer to the q-hut just to be on the safe side. Which necessitated cutting a bit off the trim to the back door. Bit by bit…

Am gonna do a bit more reading on EV conversions as Herrington said that we did now own the forklift. He wants to do the VW van as an electric. Not a bad idea other than for the range bit, but if we added a small (10 to 15 HP) gas engine with generator to top the batteries off it would work out fine. As there are 3 motors on the fork lift that will work, I may just do both the VW and the Honda. Planning on building the controllers from scratch and there is enough cabling in the fork lift to power them both, so the expense will be the batteries. The VW has a new rebuilt engine in it so if we can sell it that may pay for at least one set of batteries. Just gonna have to wait and see. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Twas a day”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a nice Automotive Sequential Vortex. And I’ll have to check out the Zone too, in the future…didn’t realize the difference was that much.

    Had a pretty good day, if weird at times. Did Sunday school/church, then back home where not much went on most of the day. Wife and I wound up home alone until a friend dropped by for a while. We wound up going to Jack’s for supper–they still make a great hamburger and their fries have ruled for ages. Back home and mainly to bed. Just a kinda “bleh” day–not bad, not especially good, just “bleh”. Pollen and heat had a lot to do with that, methinks…

    So, the forklift is now the Electric Vehicle Conversion Parts Warehouse, eh? Sounds like fun. I’ll have to get by sometime and see what all comes of it. Now I have to figure out just what the heck I’m doing for the rest of the day. I think I know, just have to line up the ducks, charge the shotgun, and let fly…have a good one!


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