New week – Same stuff

Got the pipe connector and plug off the truck after only a minor bit of fighting this morning. Putting the valve back on was another story. Got a bit of sealant put on and it screwed as far in as it would go and then the fun began. Got a old Model T adjustable wrench that I managed to get down far enough to get it tightened a bit more but there was just not enough room to do much. Decided to bite the bullet and make a tool to do the job. Got one of the big open end wrenches that came in some old military tool boxes on the container dollies and with a bit of time and the angle grinder removed 1/8 of an inch from each side of the 1 inch end. Then fired the torch up and after heating just above the wrench end till it got good and red bent it at a 90 degree angle. Got it all cooled off and then took it up and tried it to find the large end was in the way so took it out back and applied the band saw to the problem. Smoothed the rough edges with the hand cranked grind rock and went back out and tired it. Worked like it was made for the job. šŸ™‚ Got the old adjustable wrench and used it on the flat handle and tightened the air injection valve right up. The clamp on the top hose was in the wrong position and riveted to the hose so had to find the 1/4 drive ratchet and 5/16th socket to tighten it up but go that done too with only a small bit of additional cursing of the “engineers” that designed this thing the way they did. Cranked it up and all was fine. No exhaust noise and no air pump noise. Put the tools up (or at least some of them) and went in and cleaned up then went out back and put the plug wires on the Ranger, to no avail as the problem was still there. Cleaned up again and then heated lunch and built a box to ship a meter in. Packed the meter and took it to the PO, then went by the bread store to find once again they had NO dollar loaf bread. So headed on to Auto Zone where we got Lucas fuel injector cleaner, Marvel Mystery Oil, plugs, dist cap, rotor button, and hand cleaner to work on the Ranger. Stopped at the folks house on the way back and talked with them for a bit, showed my dad the broken valve that caused the exhaust leak as well as were it was located and and then came on home. Took the parts and went out back and installed them as well as put some of the Lucas in the fuel and Marvel in the oil. Cranked it up and still have the problem. Looks like its time to pull the valve cover and see what there is to see in there, but as the problem is in the first two cylinders, I am suspecting the head. No oil in the water nor water in the oil but I’m thinking there is a crack or blown head gasket between the two cylinders. Depending on the weather I may start tearing it down tomorrow. Still got a few tests to run but at this point I’m thinking the sucker is gonna have to come apart one way or another. Came in and cleaned up once again and cooked supper and then sat down and have been reading on EV’s and campers and such since. For now am gonna do a bit more reading and then call it a night. Till tomorrow…


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like fun. I remember all too well the things installed in cars that were no doubt very easy to install on the production line, but may as well be two feet under barbed wire (HEATED barbed wire in many cases) when you try to service them on the vehicle. I know there isn’t much room in there, but some of the stuff is ridiculous.

    Had a pretty good day. Did some stuff around the Central Office and elementary school in the morning, went to the high school and did some stuff, and finally around 15:00 got started on what I thought I would first thing. C’est la vie. Got a few more computers updated, and picked up a laptop to set up for someone. Not at all a bad machine for $399 + tax, from Best Buy. I had warned the folks just to say “NO!” to all the extra stuff they wanted to sell them, and they did, though things were wearing thin before they finally got out the door. Commission must be really good at Best Buy, otherwise why irritate the s**t out of your customers, eh? Got it home and did some work on the computers I left running at school remotely, and after supper started on the laptop. Santa called, and he and Mrs. Claus brought the next kit for me to build for Mrs. Claus to use. Guess I’ll start on that one tonight. Left the laptop copying files and went to bed.

    Got up this morning to discover that Vista had rebooted the machine for updates in the middle of the copying. Ended up hooking up a Ethernet cable to copy the files over (9.85 GB of music/movies from the previous computer) because life just isn’t long enough for wireless transfer, at least not with Vista. Have iTunes organizing everything now.

    Well, will be going to work soon. Hope things go well with the Ranger. Is that the 2.3L four cylinder engine in it? I’m thinking it is–hope it isn’t a Mazda engine, if it’s a Mazda engine, experience would make me bet on a cracked head–Mazda seems to have a patent on that…of course, we just saw the bad ones at work, but we saw more than a few cracked Mazda heads. You know, Ahura Mazda is the “Most exalted, uncreated Creator” in the Zoroaster religion. I wonder if he had/has a problem with cracked heads….or maybe just crackheads…


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