Tuesday Morn

Borrowed a friends differential pressure tester to check the Ranger engine. Put air in cylinder # 1 and it comes out #2 plug hole. Put plug back in and it comes out crankcase and tail pipe. Put air in #2 and it comes out #1. Put plug in #1 and it comes out crankcase. Time to pull the head.

Went and got a new air ratchet at Wally World on the way to drop off the pressure tester as my old craftsman had bit the dust a while back and my hands and arms just aren’t up to doing that much moving right now. Started sprinkling while on the way and I looked at the wiper blades on the borrowed truck and they were shot so had to get another pair and put them on. Am glad I’m not working as a mechanic any more…

Got a friend bringing a computer over in a bit for me to work on and do updates and such to. Glad I ain’t doing computer repair now too…

Put the First-Up canopy up over the hood of the truck so I’ll have a dry or at least semi dry place to work with the rain coming in. Guess I need to go and get the tool roll around from the barn and move it out back before the rain gets here, so will close this for now. Till later/tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “Tuesday Morn”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like fun. Hope it’s just the gasket, and not the head cracked. Or both. REAL glad I’m not working on cars anymore, though I never got that deep into it. Radiators and such are one thing, pulling heads and all that kind of thing is another step or two up. Never really wanted to make that step, and you have seen me with a wrench, so you know that’s a GOOD thing…

    Had a busy day. Went to the high school first and dropped off a laptop I had set up the night before (and that morning too)–I AM working on computers for a living. Beats working on cars…let the high school pretty early and went to the elementary school and finished up the computers in the pod I was working in yesterday, as well as a few others. Then went and got lunch and started on another pod. Other than a little side trip to see if I could figure out what had happened to some power at the lunchroom, I stayed there until ~17:30 or so. Went to Wally World to get some medicine, and some pork steak to go with the rattlesnake green beans that my mother had dropped by and the wife had cooked. Had just left my parking space when I got in touch with the wife and found out that her folks would be eating with us, so I went back to get some more pork steak. Ran into someone from work I needed to talk to, and while we were talking the bottom fell out–we could hear it pounding on the roof. I checked out and got soaked going to the truck, and then got REALLY soaked on the way home. With no working blower for the defroster, I have to leave the window down to get air circulation to keep the windshield clear, and it was raining HARD. I considered pulling over several times, but was afraid that I would either get stuck or run into. Made it home and got the meat cooking, and we ate a little later. ‘Twas good, methinks. Talked a while with the wife’s parents and then they went home. About bed time now, hope y’all didn’t get drowned.

    Have a good one, and good luck with the truck!


  2. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Oh, yeah–Happy Birthday, Dude!


  3. depatty Says:

    Thanks! Have had better but at least am still looking at the green side of the grass… 😉


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