Another not good day

And that’s about all I have to say about it. Hoping tomorrow turns out to be a better one. Till then…


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One Response to “Another not good day”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hope things get better. I had a so-so day–went in to work for a while, after a quick visit to Santa’s to take a laptop back to him that I got the night before. Made a stop at Big Lots for some USB cables, then worked a while. Then went to Wally World, then home. Wound up going to Jacks for supper, then back home.

    Back at work now, about to start moving some stuff around the office and get some things going. Just had some donut holes from Donut Prince (very non-PC, but very good!) and saw some youtube videos of car engines being blown up at dealerships as part of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. Some pretty nice looking clunkers, and I wonder how many people will wind up getting injured after draining the oil, pouring in silicon silicate, and then running the engine until it locks up/catches fires/blows up/all of the above. Seems like there should be a better way, but this IS a government-run program, so if there was a better way, it died in committee…interesting to see these cars that were claimed to be “fuel-efficient” not many years ago now biting the dust for $4500. Sic gloria transit mundi…and twosday is even worse…

    We really need health care reform, but I can hardly wait to see what they do with that.
    “To err is human, to REALLY f**k things up, you need a government.”–Anonymous, due to fear of losing his (government) job…


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