Nothing done Sunday

Made one trip to the Dollar Tree and Wally World and then came right back home. Back is a bit better (at least right now) so maybe tomorrow I can get something done. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Nothing done Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    A two-fer comment today–Sunday and Monday edition….value packed words! Yeah, right…if I was the AP, this would cost you money…too bad I have a soul…

    Sunday was, well, Sunday. Skipped church and Sunday school to go to work, and even then barely could get the gumption up to go. Got there and rearranged some computers, and started installing some OSes and such, and checking out some older machines to set up for some non-demanding use. Worked for about four hours, then went home and started cooking supper. Watched Ghostbusters all the way through–something I hadn’t done in a while–and then tried to check out a computer, but it didn’t cooperated. Such was Sunday.

    Monday the teachers came back–most of them, anyway. Some are using flex days to put the inevitable off for another day. Ran around doing all kinds of little things to get things going, and proved once again the best thing to do with some problems is put them off. Had problems with an interactive whiteboard (the only one of that brand that we have) that I was told two months ago was a firmware problem. To update the firmware took enough of a Chinese fire drill that I put it off indefinitely, but sometime this summer. Well, “sometime” got here, and when I contacted tech support (because their website’s BEST attribute is the fact that it is slow–it goes downhill from there…) I found out that it was probably a driver issue. I had updated the drive two months ago, but they had come up with a newer, much better driver in the mean time, and that worked. And there was much rejoicing! So, I went forth and healed some more machines, and eventually went home, with the inevitable errand on the way home. Bacon and fries are in the oven now for a BLT supper. Gotta go check it out.

    Hope things go well with y’all!


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