Tuesday Morn/Noon

Started out feeling pretty good. For about an hour, and then the nausea hit. Have got it pretty much under control (as in not wanting to puke right now) but wish it would go away and not come back. Think it’s still my back causing it. If I get in JUST the right position it goes away completely but tis hard to hold that position and do ANYTHING.

Fixed and ate breakfast and then sat at the computer till I got to feeling sick. Found a book of short stories and lay down and read one of them till I got to feeling better. Went out back and moved some baskets into the freezer and rearranged some of the stuff in there. Walked out and looked at the Ranger and decided that it will have to wait for at least one more day. Went into the front of the quonset hut and unwrapped a few more pieces of china and glass and made room for them on the shelves. Got too hot and came back into the trailer and turned the AC on. Guess I will find another book and read for a bit longer. Till later or tomorrow as the case may be… 😉


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One Response to “Tuesday Morn/Noon”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hope the nerve decides to act right soon. I know that’s no fun at all.

    Been running all day. Got a lot done, not necessarily in the order I had it planned, but that’s the way it goes. Heading home with a stop to get hot dogs on the way. That seems like the easiest thing to do for supper tonight, and easy sounds REAL good.

    Have a good one, and thanks for the info earlier. Going to try it when I get home.


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