Think the back is a bit better. Have not been quite as uncomfortable today. Still not up to doing a lot though.

Had a computer come in yesterday with a bad video card which took out the power supply. At least I think that’s the way it happened as the caps on the mother board were all good (as was the motherboard) and there were several (all of one kind) on the video card that were popped. Tis a Dell 8300 so a standard power supply won’t work. Got one one the way from Texas that’s a checked pull from a 8300 that should be here Monday.

Got a few things cleaned up and sorted out inside today and hope to get more done tomorrow. Not gonna try to get out in the forecast 100 to 110 heat index other than to get some stuff from the store and then right back into the cooler building.

Been spending a bit of time reading stuff on some of the motorized bicycle sites. Getting closer to the design in my head. Now to get it down on paper or cad and then start on the build. For now am gonna go and read a bit more and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “TGIF”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hot, hot, hot! Yikes, it’s hot! Even indoors it feels not quite cool, if you know what I mean.

    Had a Friday. Went in to work at the high school, where we were going to start the day with technology demos by three of the teachers. Well, everybody else started that way, I started with trying to import a configuration into a light controller and wiped ALL the configurations from ALL the controllers that were working. Oops. All I can say in my defense is the interface REALLY sucks on that screen–according to what the text says, you think you are doing one thing when it does something completely different. We just called the f0lks in Nashville who make the stuff and they took over and imported everything. And then told me how to set up the controllers that had been rebuilt (lightning damage, for the umpteenth time) so that they could have their configs loaded. The maintenance guy at the high school told me that a company tech rep did the same thing I did back in the spring when he was diagnosing the problem–wiped all the configs, thinking he was updating the bad one, so I felt better. Someone needs to change that damn screen, anyway.

    After that I caught up with the demos, and then went to work on several things. Found out I had to get four rather than two computers ready for the high school by Monday, so had to dig some out and start getting them ready. Got one ready that I planned to image to another identical box, but then discovered that the other box didn’t have a hard drive in it. THAT’S why it wouldn’t boot….so, I’ll get a hard drive in a little bit and image that one. Had to stop that and come over to the elementary school and set up some stuff, then ate lunch/supper about 4:30 or 5:00. It was busy–did I mention that? Stayed until almost 8:30 working on the machines I am about to go set up here at the elementary school.

    Have a good day, and stay cool!


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