Hump day again

Started the morn at 6 am with a trip across to unlock the double gates. Should have just slept in like I wanted to after the exercise I got yesterday afternoon. Came back over and got coffee and sat down to the computer for the morning catch up on overnight events (and to read the days comics). After finishing that the rain was coming down pretty good so got more coffee and a bite to eat and browsed a bit till it slacked off around 8. Went out and started the air compressor then moved the spark plug cleaner up to where the air hose is currently residing behind the dwelling. Cleaned the 3 extra plugs and blew them out good. Moved the tractor out of the shed and pulled the fouled plug and replaced it after starting the engine and blowing the oil out of the cylinder. Cranked it back up after putting the plug in and it ran fine. Got to change the oil as it’s way overdue. Sorted bolts, nuts, washers, and other assorted stuff out from the leaves and crap on the table where the dozer parts were and piled all the stuff in a 5 gallon bucket. Moved the assorted large parts to the big stuff pile. After getting everything else done that I could, hooked the boom to the block and picked it up and moved it out to where I could leave it for a bit. Came up and called to see if the guy was coming and after several tries got him. He was waiting on his help to get there which they did while we were on the phone. I got another cup of coffee and then walked back down to wait on them. They got here and after loading the block hooked the boom to their trailer and lifted the front up so the dozer would load with the winch. Once started unhooked the boom and got out of the way and watched the fun. Took a while but got done. I then went up and hooked to the other 3 large pieces and set them on the flatbed truck, then came back down and got the nose guard and loaded it. And it was done. Talked a few and they left. I came inside, stripped and dried off. Was completely soaked and not from the rain. Just sweat and humidity. Rest of the day has been mostly nothing other than the one time I want out and took some pix of the camper. Have just been too worn out to do anything but browse or read. Will try to get back at it tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Hump day again”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Been busy at work, as usual, especially for the start of the year. Hasn’t been that bad, though, for the start of a year. Did have one bad thing at home, one of the dogs died. Bad situation, and we’ll be a while getting over it, but life goes that way sometimes.

    Now I’m trying to sort out what to do next at work, and all the usual stuff at home and such. Really getting kinda worn out–I go OK for a while, and then about mid-afternoon I hit a wall, and have to just go slow for a while until I can get going again. Need to rest up some, and may try to do that some this weekend. Then again, I may do some of the stuff I need to get done, since the wife works anyway, but at a slower pace. It worked OK last weekend–I worked and got stuff done, but without the “OMG! Major problem must be fixed RIGHT NOW!” syndrome that happens during the week a lot of times. So many details that no one can check them all, and a lot of times things are discovered non-functional at the time they are needed to work. This is called Life, methinks. Anyway, things are going alright, just getting a little wearying.

    Have a good one, and watch that heat, it’ll get ‘ya.


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