Bits of Thursday

Headed out this morning to do the monthly bills. Started at the water department in Alexandria then stopped at a local Fed Ex shipper and talked to them about pricing. After talking a bit she told me that we can do the paper work at the Fed Ex site and then just drop the packages off to her for them to pick up which sounds like a good deal to me. Got to get an account set up with their online site now. Went on down 431 and stopped at the bread store and got a bunch of almost out of date stuff to put in the freezer. First time in ages that they have had the cheap stuff when we have been in there. While heading further south got a call from a friend and as I don’t do the cell phone while driving, Cat told him I would call back asap. Stopped at the power co which was a quickie and then went down to the cable office and called him back. He has a well and the pump had cracked and he was wanting my advice. Talked a bit and came to some conclusions.

Went by the insurance office and will check for another source of coverage asap. Am tired of paying for their fancy new digs with ever increasing premiums and lessening service.

Came back toward home and made a detour by Foodland in Alexandria to see what the weekly specials were this week. They are having a 2 for $1.00 sale on canned beans (pinto, black-eyed peas, baked beans, pinto with onion, mixed beans, great northern beans – if memory serves) which we ended up buying $13.00 of. Sunnyland hot dogs are $0.89 an 8 pack and are pretty good dogs. Ground round is $1.99 and is LESS than hamburger right now. Bunch of frozen veggies are a buck a bag. Store brand cheese is 8 oz packs for $1.33 a pack. Good stuff! And then home. Unloaded and put stuff up then had some of the dogs for lunch.

Friend called back about the pump situation and we talked for a while longer and came to more conclusions as Sears is no longer supporting his 25+ year old pump with parts. He will get a new one and I’m gonna go and help replace the unit on the morrow after he gets it. So got to get out in the morning and round up the plumbing tools and other assorted stuff needed or possibly needed to do the job.

Napped in the late afternoon (I guess still in recovery from the last couple of days working harder than usual) and then got up and did a LARGE batch of spaghetti which we had a small amount of for supper. Been browsing and reading since. Getting close to time to call it an evening, so till tomorrow… 😉


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