Sore Sunday

Woke up sore and after working on the damn well from 11am till 8 pm am more so now. Pulled the jet and foot valve assembly and all the pipe. Took it all apart and cleaned everything. Checked everything and found no reason for it to not work. Went and got new pipe and all new fittings and foot valve. Ended up getting another $200.00 in parts from Lowe’s. Rebuilt all the bits and put it all back in the well, then re-plumbed the top part over to the pump. Turned it on and it worked! Still no idea what we did that was different other than to replace everything but the jet and that we chipped and cleaned really good but as it’s working and they have water on demand again I ain’t bitching…

Got home and unloaded the truck, ate, and been catching up on stuff online. Gonna call it another early night and try to rest and combat the soreness a bit with sleep. So till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sore Sunday”

  1. Steve Says:

    I know what you mean. I worked inside on computers for about 5 hours Sunday, and still wound up feeling like kaka. Went home, and layed on the bed watching Tiger Woods lose, then went to fix supper and found that the shrimp I was going to use in the stir-fry had disappeared, and the beef I bought had white stuff on the back side (that didn’t show when I bought it) that kept me from slicing it–I mean, my arm is STILL sore from trying to slice it. Thin layer of stuff, and no problem once cooked (I cooked a piece for breakfast this morning), but it was TOUGH when uncooked. Gave up and ordered pizza, which I sent back when they delivered it and THEN told us that they don’t take checks anymore. After we have bought hundreds of dollars worth of pizza from them with checks…oh, well, I guess the boys and girls at the pizza place are eating a lot of returns nowdays. It’s just STUPID to make a policy change like that and not tell people when they call in. Oh, well, I felt so poorly last night that I went to bed around 8:30 without supper and everyone else found plenty to eat in the leftover department. Fell better today, but still worn out.

    Hope today goes well!


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