Another day down/done

And one in which I once again got less done than I had planned/intended. Got the book case moved back into place and the books put back into place, though not sorted. Cleared off the sideboard in here and moved the light box onto it. Took Cat out to the 144 Pawn Shop to look at DVD’s. They have really good prices on them. Just got to watch for missing/damaged disks. Other stuff the prices are not so good on. Tools were HIGH, or I certainly wouldn’t pay the prices they were asking. Came back by Food Land and got to feeling quite bad and had to come home. May be something in the store, as has happened more than once when out there. Got back here and in a few minutes got to feeling ok again. Fixed and ate supper and been browsing and reading since. Am about to call it a night so till tomorrow… 😉


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