Another Friday

Went to the PO this morning to mail out some Bonanzle stuff and then swung by the folks house but they were out, so went by Dollar General in Weaver to get some stuff but they had gone up to higher than Wally World so we looked around a bit and left. Back by the folks and they were still not home so came back here and ate lunch. Afterwards called and they were in so we went by and got a bunch of books (like we need more but can’t pass up freebies) and tomatoes. Came back here and did some computer stuff for a bit and then I sacked out for a while. After getting up and moving the truck to the field as the storms came through did supper and then got to peeling and cooking the tomatoes down while Cat snapped beans. Got one big stock pot full and have enough to fill it another 2 to 3 times waiting to be peeled and cut up and cooked tomorrow. For now am waiting for the 2 gallons of tomatoes with itallian spices to cool so I can put them up in freezer containers and get them in the freezer and then go to bed. Guess I need to go and check on them so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Says:

    Friday it was. Did a bunch of the usual, and less than I wanted–just ran out of steam, actually. Got stuff done, but there was some stuff that I just couldn’t get the gumption up to do.

    Went home and had supper, and then the wife wanted to go to Sonic for some kind of frozen treat. So we went, with lightning lighting up the sky. After we got there it started to rain–not white cane rain, but close, for a while. We were just sitting under the awning at Sonic, so it was cool. It slacked off about the time we got finished eating, so it worked out OK. Went home and went to bed, basically.

    Got up this morning and started cleaning up the computer desk. Cableone is coming Monday to convert us to their phone service, and they’ll need some room there. A friend from work called, I had worked on his computer a while back, and Thor God of Thunder worked on it last night. Went and met him at the workbuilding and checked it out, and it was smoked. Literally. When I got another power supply in it and got it to turn on (which took some doing) the southboard chip started smoking immediately. So, that one is toast. We discussed what he could buy quickly and cheaply (his wife had just signed up for online college courses, and has to enter a code into the computer she will use by a certain date) and he left to discuss it with her. I have the HD, it still works, and I’ll get the stuff off of it and get it onto their new machine. You know how it is with lightning.

    Haven’t done a lot since then. Will finish up the computer desk tomorrow–still tired, will rest some more. It’s not quite 9, but I feel bedtime coming soon…have a good one!


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