Twas a day

Felt bad when I got up but decided to try to make the Pow-Wow in Gadsden none the less. By the time we got there the humidity was almost stiffing but we made the round of the vendors and then moved the truck closer to the center of things and got the chairs and lunch and went close to the circle and sat to eat. The color guard got called out to take the colors in due to it looked like rain was moving in, and as it turned out they got them in just in time. We finished eating and the first drops started falling so we got our stuff up and went toward the truck. Got harder and by the time we got the truck unlocked and inside was pouring down. Looked worse to the north so we headed home. Ran out of it about half way back but I was feeling worse so came on in.
Checked stuff on the computer when we got in and some rain headed toward us but was scattered and not worth shutting things down for. Noted on Facebook that Steve’s daughter was in need of a desk chair so called and offered one which she came and picked up. Then spent a while on the sofa reading and then fixed and ate supper. Still not doing real well (though better than earlier) so am gonna do a bit more on the computer and then call it an early night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Heard that Gadsden got rain Saturday, we got a couple of drops everywhere I was. Did a little bit at home, mainly financial stuff on the computer (translation: paying bills online–beats having to drive there…) and then went in to work. Got five student computers going for a teacher (will be leaving very shortly to set them up) and then worked on a video in iMovie. Made some progress. Went to Wally World, then had to stop at Edwards on the way home because I had forgotten some of what I was fixing for supper. Got home, and then remembered I had left the wife’s insulin in the refrigerator at work. Called her and made sure that she did need it that night, then went back and got it. Got gas in my truck while I was at it. Went home and worked some more on the video, ate, worked a little more, and then went to bed.
    Today I have been doing a little around the house, and am about to go get the computers and set them up. May have to get the wife’s car, as the weather may not cooperate. Will come back and hopefully finish the video.
    Have a good day, and hope you feel better today! The humidity/temperature ought to be better, even though (or because) the weather isn’t…


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