Rainy Sunday

In which I stayed in bed to long this morning but felt better for it. Went to the estate sale down in Anniston about one and ended up getting a set of 15 books by Washington Irving published in 1904 and purchased by A J Fite in 1905 according to the writing in the books. Will have pix of them up soon. They have some nice illustrations in them too. Also got a sack of 6 or so crochet hooks for a buck, so didn’t do too bad. Came back by the folks house but they hadn’t made it back in yet so came home and ate lunch then went back over to their house to pick up some stuff. Worked on Mom’s computer for a bit and then came home. Been either fighting with computers since or sitting in front of this one browsing. For now am gonna call it a night and start over in the am. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Rainy Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, ’twas quite rainy. Had to go borrow the wife’s car to moves computers and such at work. Not really a problem–I like the stereo and A/C in her car, and I had to gas it up anyway. Moved five computers from the workbuilding to the high school, set up two computers that were already there, reconfigured the IP addresses on ten computers, set up four of the five I moved over (lack of furniture for the fifth), and had the usual ancillary problems, this time with the network. Bad port in the new wing. Then I stepped back and wondered:
    A. where six hours had gone to, and
    B. why I was so frigging tired.
    Answer, I guess, would be to “See above”. Made the obligatory stop at Wally World on the way to return the car and get my truck, then went to the elementary school and got some more information for the video project I have been working on for quite a while, and then went home. Did absolutely NOTHING for not nearly long enough, and then finished cooking supper. Waited on the wife to get home, and then ate and cleaned up. Then got back on the video project. Got it ready to compile into a DVD at 10:04 last night, and then went to bed. Had to get up at 3:00 or so for a bathroom break, and went to see what had happened. What had happened was that the project had compiled successfully, but wouldn’t fit on a standard DVD. So, I’ll burn it to a dual-layer when I get to work, and we’ll see from there.

    Got up this morning and did some bills and breakfast, and about to head out. Have a good day!


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