Tuesday and done

Done with the day that is. Doing a bit better today. Hope this downtime is coming to an end. Head seems to be getting clearer, so hoping tomorrow will be able to get to things I need a brain for. Till then… 😉


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2 Responses to “Tuesday and done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a Twosday. Went better than Monday, than heavens. Made an ISO of the video and left two copies with the two teachers in charge of same. Researched prices on double-layer DVDs, and found that most places either don’t carry them, or want an arm, leg, and both nuts for them. Found them on tigerdirect MUCH cheaper. Hopefully will be in in a few days, and then I’ll set up two or three machines and start burning. How long is long enough between burns to let the laser cool down? I usually eject the disk and let the drawer stay open for 2-5 minutes before starting another one, but with over 6 GB of oughts and ones to burn on these disks, would that be long enough? Have fifty-something to burn, that will be ~20 per machine, if I get three going, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it, as far as not wearing anything out. Any suggestions?

    Went into clone mode for the rest of the afternoon, starting to set up student machines for the elementary school. We have ~60 donated machines that are all the same, and I’m trying to get all of them out in the classrooms. Probably about 20 that aren’t already out there, and some of the ones out there need a reimaged disk. The fun part is finding hard drives–I have stolen hard drives from so many places to get things going that I’m now having to really dig for some. Prefer at least 9 GB for this image, but I have found that I can get it on a 6 GB drive with no room left to store any documents to speak of. That’s OK though, I don’t think the Kindergardeners and lower elementary grades really generate much in the way of documents. AAMOF, the upper elementary grades don’t either–they mainly use the machines for networked applications where a server stores all the info. Lucky me.

    Got pizza on the way home, and was pretty much worn out and worthless once I got home. Gotta go do breakfast now, have a good one! If I want to call your Skype number, do I just call, and either get you or not, or do I leave a message on voice mail or something? Not that familiar with it, obviously….


    • depatty Says:

      Did a bit of Googling and most folks seem to think 15 minutes of cool down time between burns should be enough. You might want to leave the drawer open also to increase air flow to the inside bits.

      As for calling the Skype #, just call and leave a message if you don’t get me/us. And unless you are calling us back most of the time you won’t get through as I use a headset so don’t always notice incoming calls and don’t always keep the application running in the background anyway. Need more ram but just can’t bring myself to try the ram download. 🙂

      Anyway as I was saying just leave a message and Skype will send an email to me saying that there was a call and message. If it’s important call the cell # and if I’m around the computer I’ll call back via Skype, otherwise will answer (if I have a signal which isn’t always as the local tracfone tower keeps cutting out) so…

      But all the above aside, a message left on the Skype system will get you a callback asap or as soon as I check me email.


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