Another day down

And almost over. Got out and did a bit of grass weed eating today after the rain quit. Cleared off an area and put up a make shift table and got ready to grill. Remembered that we needed to go to the store and get some stuff so went and did that and it started raining again on the way back. So once here and store stuff put up went out and cleared off an area under the tent and moved the grilling area there. Got the coals going and cooked some potatoes and chicken quarters in the 12″ dutch oven. Got another batch going in the grill and cooked a bunch of hot dogs and some sausage and made the rest of a pack of ground chuck into hamburgers and cooked them too. Ate the dogs for supper and have the rest in the fridge waiting for other meals this weekend. After all was done came in and sat at the computer and was reading stuff when I saw something from a guy I follow on Twitter ( about how one of his blogs had been hit by the new nasty WordPress Worm going around. Decided to check our 4 self hosted blogs and sure enough even though they were all up to date, one got hit. Turned out I had failed to update the config file and the worm got in. So spent a couple of hours cleaning out and replacing files and got it back up and going. At least hope I got it all. Can’t find anything in the database. Just crap put into the php files. Anyhow tis clean now and all the config files have been updated and are current on all of the other blogs too. And I am about done for the day, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another day down”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Wonderful. Just gotta love the malware folks, eh? Maybe if we put some of them in Gitmo it would slow things down some…

    Had a Friday, which is much like Monday. Did some hardware related stuff in the morning, got lunch, and then waded into the address book for the system. Had updated/fixed problems a couple of weeks ago, but the same problems were in the book I sent out. I figured that I had screwed up and sent out the wrong book, but after working on the thing for about 3 hours or so, I’m not so sure now. I got a list of EVERYBODY in the system, and then had to retype it so I could alphabetize it by first name rather than last name, and then triple-checked the main list and the main groups. Fixed the problems/omissions I found, and exported the address book under it’s new name. Rather than just send it out to everybody this time, I took over a nearby computer and installed the new address book. Then I went into it to check it out and found…weird things. Double-entries in groups where they weren’t in the original, things like that. I checked the original book again, re-exported it again, and the same stuff came up. By then it was getting late, and I was getting worn out, so I wound up taking the stuff home with me to consider the best move. Upon further thought I realized that this address book had been created before I went to work at the system (almost eight years ago) and that it had never been redone from the ground up, just had things added/deleted. I decided that it had reached a “state-of-cruftiness” that demanded a complete reconstruction from the ground up. So, I’m going to see if I can’t get that done before Tuesday. Still trying to decide if it is worthwhile to import the address cards, or just make them from scratch too. We’ll see..

    Had a not-so-good day yesterday, had a headache and general malaise that got better once we got some acetomenophen and I took some. Grilled out and watched some football.

    Now I’m cooking breakfast, and then to church. We’ll see what we can get into when we get back. Have a good one!


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