Monday morning dripping sweat

Started posting this on Twitter and decided to move it to the blog as I was already into the third tweet and not even close to done with it. 

Moved 1×4's, 2×4's, and the saw/work stands to new greenhouse area. Collected assorted cement blocks, dug a somewhat level area going east from room extension east wall.  Laying the block starting at wall going east. Dry stacking for now. Will plaster or mud/cement coat later. Only going 2 blocks high for the wall base and am going to use it as the outside retaining wall when I build a planting bed inside greenhouse later. Will cap the block with a 2×8 and set 2×4's at an angle going to underside of the existing porch rooff so the water runoff will run down the glass and then off the 2×8 outside the block.  Will most likely add some form of gutter at the top and bottom of the glass wall to try to control the runoff.  Started removing the hardware from the metal framed windows I am using for the greenhouse wall. Having to use impact to loosen the painted over screws and it's breaking the glazing putty loose.  Bummer! Means I will have to reglaze the glass much quicker than I had planned.  Think I will see if a propane torch will heat/burn the paint off enough to allow the screws to come out without impact.  Got 20+ 6 pane windows to go and REALLY don't want to have to reglaze them all, but where the hardware is located, it has to come off so I attach them to the 2×4's and get a good seal.  Always something to keep life interesting. 

Had to come in as the sweat was dripping off my elbows and all my clothes were soaking wet.  Will go back out in a bit after I've had a chance to cool off some.  More later… 😉


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