More Monday bits

Cooling down again after eating a late lunch. 

Found the propane torch and tried heating the screws.  Works MUCH better than impact to break them loose and doesn't loosen the putty either.

Finished rough leveling the first section of blocks from the wall to where the door will be and it turns out that there is only a 2 inch difference between the blocks and the windows so works out just right. 

Still debating on how to do the wall.  To begin with I had planned to lean it from the block wall to the roofline and may still end up doing it that way, but I keep thinking of the heat gain in the summer months which I wouldn't have if I run the windows vertical and extend the roof at a steeper angle from existing roof line to the top of the windows.  Doing it the second way will increase the number of cuts necessary to build it but will also make it harder for hail and falling objects to break the glass.    After thinking it through a bit I think I have to go with the second way of doing this.  Just makes more sense all the way around.  Guess I need to see just how high the windows will sit so I can figure out the new roofing requirements.

More later… 😉


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