Bite by bite gets the greenhouse done

Am feeling the work I did yesterday, but am still moving, abet more slowly.

Cut a piece of 1×2 for a base plate and screwed it into the side of the 2×8 dropped down about 3/4 of an inch from the top.  This allows a place for the window bottom to sit as well as an outside plate to lock the blocks in.  Will do something similar on the inside a bit later in the process.  Set a 1×4 against the east wall and screwed it in to hold it for measuring, then placed the bottom window in place and ran a screw into the wall, locking it in place.  Set the top window in place and marked the 1×4, then took it all down, removed the 1×4 and cut it to length, which is about 3/4 of an inch below the top of the window.  Measured the 1×4 I had cut, then hit the wood piles and located some 2×4's of about the correct lengths for uprights between the windows.  Cleaned the nails from them and cut the one that needed it (one was the correct length already!).  Screwed the 1×4 into the wall and put the bottom window back in place.  Spaced the next bottom one about a half inch from the first and using flattened metal bottle caps as washers screwed one of the 2×4's into place between them.  Put the end 2×4 in pace and screwed some bracing from the porch upright and another brace to the ground, then attached the bottom of it to the 2×8 plate.  Added a couple of screws to hold the edge of the window to the 2×4 and then put a 1×4 over the bottom of both windows and screwed it to the 1×2 against the block.  Put the top two windows in place and added a few screws and bottle cap washers to support them and came in to take a cooling off break.  Next will be to cut a 1×4 to top the uprights with and then add another 2×4 to the east end to make a post and cap over it all with a 2×6 to the front edge of the windows for a header for the short rafters to attach to.

I'll get the camera charged and take some pix of this when I go back out so maybe it will make a bit more sense.  Tis all getting built out of my head with NOTHING on paper.  Decided I do better than way most of the time so may as well just go for it.  More in a bit… 😉


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