Humpday done

Went out this morning and after looking at the greenhouse roof decided to change it. Took some pictures before doing so which are below.

Bits of what you see above are still the same. The short rafters are still there. The long 2×4’s running from side to side are gone. Added pieces of 2×4 between the rafters where they went over the header plate so there isn’t a gap once the roofing is attached. Still not satisfied with it. As the rain was moving in on me I put the plastic back on, screwed it down just enough to hold for the day, caulked the old screw holes and put the gutter back up over the walkway, got in out of the rain and dried off.

After thinking about it I am leaning toward removing the 2×4 that is attached to the end of the porch rafters and replacing it with a 2×6 and putting belting in between the rafters where they attach to it to screw the roofing to. That should seal most of the holes that will allow cold air in. I am going to have to put an inner layer in under the porch roofing also. Suspect that more of the plastic will be used for that.

Spent most of the day after the rains came at the computer until mid afternoon when I went into the kitchen and found the water running at the sink. It has been dripping for a while but this was much more than I was willing to put up with. So, I did the plumbing thing for a couple of hours. Took a trip to Saks Hardware and most of a $10 bill but the water shuts off at both faucets and there are handles on them both again. And I have my medium sized vice grips back after a 2+ year stint as a hot water handle. Cat is much happier with the way they turn off now too. πŸ™‚ Between the trip to the hardware and finishing the plumbing repair we took a side trip (since we were out anyway) to Wally World at Lenlock to get a load of stuff for Cat’s mother, and a few things for us. Came in, unloaded, finished up the plumbing, then fixed and ate supper. Afterwards watched a movie on the computer, then did a bit of browsing and now am trying to recap the day here. Gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night. Tomorrow may entail a trip to Calcus, will see when we get up. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰


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