Ended up staying in town today but was out and about most all day paying bills, running errands and doing more shopping for Cat’s mom. Got still more to get for her tomorrow and then will head south to deliver the stuff. Hope to be back midafternoon but on these trips we never know for sure. Gonna do a bit more on the computer and call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Things are looking good on the greenhouse. The last set of pictures let me figure out exactly where it is in relation to the rest of the dwelling–was having a problem with that, mainly due to lack of time/mental energy to sit and figure it out, methinks. Keep up the info on it.

    Had a pretty good Thursday, finished up redoing a laptop to use for presentations in the conference room at central office. Something that’s been needed for a while–have a desktop in there I need to get out. It was being used, but over the summer it died–maybe something to do with power surges. Went and did some stuff at the elementary school, and then back to the central office, and then had to grab a computer and head to the high school. One of the student computers in the library had a very loud and annoying fan problem. I just swapped the hard drive to another identical machine, and solved that one for now. I’ll see which fan it is and change it out later. Then went up to another lab where I had stayed until 6:30+ last Thursday and wound up staying for a couple of hours or so to fix another problem. Really weird Office installation problem–still don’t know what went wrong, but it’s right now, and that’s what matters. Went to Wally World and home. Ended up going to get some chicken at Edward’s for the stir fry I did because what we had wasn’t what we thought it was, so supper was kinda late. Very good, but kinda late. After supper watched some TV, then crashed.

    Now another day. Friday. Woot. Hope it goes well for y’all.


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