Saturday done

Been another mostly nothing done day. Went out late and got some more stuff that Cat’s mom needs. Gonna try to head south in the morning and take the stuff to her. For now am gonna finish a movie and then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Saturday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good day. Did some stuff around the house until I was pretty sure that the intestinal difficulties I had Friday had passed. Still didn’t feel 100%, but felt much better. Went in to work and picked up the dual-layer DVDS that had come in and went to the workbuilding to start burning copies of the video I got going a while back. The burners in the new machine that I started using last week did just fine, and with two of them I can alternate between them, giving them about 30 minutes to cool down after each disk. If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what would be. Got two other machines hooked up, and the burn on both of them failed, so rather than make coasters, I’ll just use the one that works. Kinda a bummer, though, I was hoping that I could get four burners going and get through the set of DVDs quicker.

    After working there a while, I went to the high school and dropped off some other DVDs I burned and picked up a laptop to check out. Then went to Santa’s and worked on the wireless some. Then went to Arby’s and picked up supper. Headed home through Lenlock/Weaver, and at the Lenlock Lane/Weaver Road intersection I ran over something that I couldn’t see, but heard when it went into my left rear tire. Immediately I heard the “click-click-click” as the tire revolved and whatever it was hit the pavement. I listened and was able to determine that it was the left rear tire, and turned my side mirror to monitor it so that I could see if it started going flat. Thought about stopping, but decided since it was only 10-15 minutes to home, I would just watch the tire and see if I could make it. Turned out to be a good decision, I could see some deflation later, but not much, and when I stopped at the intersection just down from your place, I could here (besides the click) a “hiss-hiss-hiss” as the object came around. I decided to watch it more closely and get home quickly also. Made it home, and moved the truck back and forth in the carport until I could hear the air leaking so that I knew whatever it was wasn’t on the bottom. Got out, and found an Allen wrench stuck in the tire. Removed it, and had a flat in about 2 minutes. About to go change the tire, I didn’t eat lunch yesterday and decided that this morning would be soon enough to change it. Think I’ll just stay home and work on the many projects I need to fix around here today. Rest of the night was TV, mainly football.

    Have a good one!


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