Road trip Sunday

Loaded up and went to Calcis this morning. Got the truck unloaded, loaded a rototiller up that we were given, along with the plastic tubs we use to transport stuff and headed back. Made a stop at the river to eat and then proceeded back via the Ragland route as we hadn’t been that way since the overpass at I-20 had been finished. The route is a bit longer than going through Lincoln but has much less traffic. By the time we got back and unloaded the truck my headache which I had when getting up today had gotten to the point I had to lay down for a while. Ended up going to sleep for a couple of hours and was mostly gone when I got back up. Fixed and ate supper and have been watching a movie on the computer since. Am going to do a bit of browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Road trip Sunday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Had a spotty Sunday–got more DVDs burned, but didn’t get the adapter made I needed. Will go BUY one today. Should have done that before….supper went well, but I was worn out and tired by the time it was over. Changing the tire and crawling around to do some of the associated activities with changing the tire, I suppose.

    At work now, waiting on a DVD to finish verifying so I can take it and several more up to 6th grade so they can send them out. Will be done sometime this week, I suppose, just depends on how much time I can spend out here. I load both burners with blanks and start one going before I leave, and do the other one remotely later, but once that is gone I have to physically load them again. Oh, well, waiting is…

    Have a good one!


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